Most People Don’t Know This Park In Nebraska Was Built On Top Of A Burial Ground

Almost every little corner of Nebraska has undergone extreme changes over the years, particularly the towns and cities that have existed for as long as Nebraska has been a state or longer. But there’s one place that’s had a truly extraordinary transformation, and it’s not what you’d expect. Take Barnard Park, for example, which some call the most haunted park in Nebraska. This popular playground stands on what used to be a cemetery, and the history here will send shivers down your spine…

Whether or not the stories of hauntings are true, the history of Barnard Park is well documented. Have you ever experienced anything supernatural while enjoying a day out at the park? Do you believe in the lore behind this so-called haunted park in Nebraska? Let us know!

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Address: Barnard Park, Fremont, NE 68025, USA
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haunted park in Nebraska

October 28, 2021

What are some other haunted places in Nebraska?

Don’t let all that serene, pastoral landscape fool you – Nebraska is full of creepy and haunted places that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck! Between haunted houses, haunted hotels, and even a haunted prison or two, this state is positively teeming in ghosts. And of course, Nebraska may reign supreme when it comes to haunted corn mazes and hayrides. There are ghost stories and creepy facts lurking around every corner — and road, apparently! Smitty’s Curve may be one of the most infamous haunted roads in Nebraska. Located just outside of Geneva, the road is supposedly named for a young man who careened off one of the road’s bridges while driving late at night. The story goes that he escaped the frozen waters and crawled into a nearby barn to take shelter, but either froze to death or succumbed to his injuries. To this day, people report seeing the phantom figure of Smitty crawling across the road on dark evenings.

Are there any ghost towns in Nebraska?

Ghost towns dot the landscape in Nebraska like the random spots on a Dalmatian. From the badlands to the lowlands and even just outside some of the bigger cities, through the years entire towns have dried up and disappeared from the Cornhusker State. If you’re up for a thrilling little adventure, definitely check out this road trip, which journeys to six of the state’s creepiest and most notorious ghost towns. Safe travels…

What’s the creepiest place to visit in Nebraska?


Address: Barnard Park, Fremont, NE 68025, USA