These 20 One-Room Schoolhouses In Nebraska Will Take You Back In Time

In Nebraska’s early days – and even well into the 20th century – one-room schoolhouses were the norm for rural kids. Before the days of bus transportation and consolidated school districts, schools served small numbers of children who lived nearby. Everyone was taught in the same room and often by the same teacher, though they learned different lessons based on their ages and abilities. As populations grew and transportation improved, larger schools became favored and the one-room buildings fell into disuse around the 1960s. Many of them have been preserved and/or restored and can still be toured today. Whether or not you ever attended a one-room schoolhouse, these pictures – a mixture of present-day and historic photos – will remind you of simpler times.

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These were fascinating, and they are only a fraction of the schoolhouses (and vintage photos of schoolhouses) out there in Nebraska. A lot of our readers attended classes in one-room schoolhouses at some point; please share your stories in the comments!

Want even more Nebraska history? These photos from the 1950s might stir up some memories as well.