Experience Over 200 Years Of History When You Visit The Old-School Glur’s Tavern In Nebraska

Sure, there’s something to be said for visiting nice, spiffy, new places, but do you ever get the urge to hang out somewhere really old, where the history is so thick it’s almost palpable? If you’re looking to visit some of the state’s most historic eateries, one place stands out from the rest. Glur’s Tavern in Columbus opened all the way back in 1876, making it quite possibly the oldest restaurant in Nebraska. (Nebraska had just achieved statehood not even a decade before!) The restaurant is still a popular spot today, and the history within its four walls make Glur’s such a special place to dine.


You can learn more about the oldest restaurant in Nebraska on the Glur’s Tavern Facebook page. They don’t have too much of an active online presence, so stop by and get to know the place in person! Have you visited Glur’s Tavern? Share your experiences in the comments!

Address: Glur's Tavern, 2301 11th St, Columbus, NE 68601, USA