The Creepy Asylum In Nebraska That Stood Sad And Disturbing For Decades

Editor’s note: Since the original publication of this article, this facility has been torn down. The final building was demolished in the summer of 2016. The stories and pictures from the Norfolk Regional Center will continue to live on.

In 1888, a 97-bed asylum opened its doors in Norfolk thanks to funding from the Nebraska Legislature. It was called the State Hospital for the Insane, and it was meant to house patients with a wide variety of conditions. Unfortunately for patients at that time, these conditions could include almost anything – from homesickness to being unlucky in love. There were plenty of residents who were genuinely mentally ill, but they were housed along with the patients who were simply a bit different. Today, this empty building still contains the echoes of the lives that were forever changed within its walls. Photographer Trish Eklund visited the site to explore the grounds and snap some pictures from the outside of the locked building.

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