Here’s The Ultimate Bucket List For Nebraskans Who Are Obsessed With Nature

It’s easy to be a nature lover here in Nebraska. Our state boasts a huge range of landscapes, from dramatic valleys in the east to mesmerizing Sandhills in the middle to impressive rock formations in the west. Magnificent wildlife abounds throughout, and unexpected ecosystems can be found in the most surprising places. If you happen to be a nature lover, be sure to visit these destinations that show off some of Nebraska’s greatest offerings.

These natural wonders are in no particular order and don’t represent all of the amazing natural attractions in our state. How many have you visited? Tell us about your favorite in the comments!

Address: 570-598 W Industrial Lake Dr, Lincoln, NE 68528, USA
Address: 39679 Pony Lake Road, Valentine, NE 69201, USA
Address: Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge, 39983 Refuge Rd, Valentine, NE 69201, USA
Address: 125 N Main St, Chadron, NE 69337, USA
Address: 40637 River Loop, Halsey, NE 69142, USA
Address: Nebraska National Forest, Natick, NE 69166, USA
Address: Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, 301 River Rd, Harrison, NE 69346, USA
Address: Bridgeport, NE 69336, USA
Address: Chimney Rock, West Bayard, NE 69334, USA
Address: Fontenelle Forest, 1111 Bellevue Blvd N, Bellevue, NE 68005, USA
Address: Whiteclay, NE 69360, USA
Address: Indian Cave State Park, 65296 720 Rd, Shubert, NE 68437, USA
Address: 2424 S Locust St, Grand Island, NE 68801, USA
Address: Scotts Bluff National Monument, 190276 Old Oregon Trail, Gering, NE 69341, USA
Address: Toadstool Geological Park and Campground, Harrison, NE 69346, USA
Address: Smith Falls State Park, 90159 Smith Falls Rd, Valentine, NE 69201, USA