The Mystery Behind This Nebraska Burial Site Has Baffled Scientists For Decades

There are more mysteries out there in Nebraska than you might expect. In those vast expanses of prairies, grasslands, sandhills, and rocks lie some of the region’s most fascinating fossils. The world’s largest mammoth fossil was unearthed here years ago, and the Ashfall Fossil Bed site is an active excavation that you can watch unfold before your eyes. However, Ashfall isn’t the only active site Nebraska has to offer.

This video gives a great idea of what it’s like to visit this unique attraction.

The Hudson-Meng Bison Bonebed site is open from Memorial Day through October 1st each year. There is a small admission fee, or you can buy a season pass and visit the site all you want in the summer! Find contact information here.

You can read more about the history and future of the research at the site right here.

Address: 86930 517th Ave, Royal, NE 68773, USA