When you think of fine dining in Omaha, you may think of the fancy steakhouses out west or the insanely expensive options downtown. But there’s one steakhouse nestled in the heart of the city that’s been serving delicious meals since 1944…and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Gorat’s Steakhouse might be the most historic steakhouse in Nebraska, and a visit there is unlike any other meal in the state.

Take a look at Gorat’s website or Facebook page to learn more about this truly classic Omaha steakhouse. Have you ever visited Gorat’s? Tell us your favorite menu item in the comments! For another iconic old-school steakhouse in Omaha, pay a visit to Johnny’s.

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Best Steakhouses In Nebraska

Where Can I Find The Best Steakhouses In Nebraska?

In addition to Gorat's, Omaha and other Nebraska cities have some amazing temples to beef!

  • Round the Bend Steakhouse in rural Ashland is a hidden gem, located in a nondescript building. Inside, this no-frills restaurant is known for its massive burgers, hearty portions of steak, weekly specials - and one off-the-wall item you probably won't find anywhere else. This steakhouse serves bull testicles, and even hosts a yearly festival for those daring gourmets.
  • Coppermill Steakhouse is a small-town legend located in McCook, and it's located in an old barn. The restaurant has some unique dishes, including the Dry-Aged Candle, an appetizer made from roasted dry-age trimmings. Entrees are more traditional, and include a delicious mixed grill including beef and lamb that you won't want to miss.


What Are The Most Unique Restaurants In Nebraska?

  • Ole's Big Game Steakhouse is definitely the most unusual steakhouse in Nebraska, owing partially to the wild collection of taxidermied animal heads on the wall! The restaurant might not serve elephant or polar bear, but you'll still want to indulge in the classic steakhouse fare. In addition to the grilled steaks, the indulgent chicken-fried steak is not to be missed.
  • Definitely the strangest restaurant in Nebraska is the Alpine Inn, a humble chicken restaurant not far from Omaha. Diners will eat in the shadow of a massive tree - but it's the fellow diners that make this place stand out! The tree is home to cats and raccoons who are fed on chicken scraps from the restaurant. While the two groups of dinners are safely separated by glass, the furry neighbors are usually putting on a bit of a show for visitors to this European-themed restaurant.

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