This Bizarre Museum in Nebraska is Not For the Faint of Heart

People with a fear of clowns have had a really rough time lately. There have been reports from several states (including Nebraska) of people dressed up as sinister clowns hanging around neighborhoods and peeking out of cornfields. Just this week, multiple teens in Nebraska have been either arrested or questioned by police in incidents involving threats made while the teens were dressed as clowns.

Knowing all of that may make what you’re about to see seem tame by comparison…or it may make the following even scarier.

The museum is open six days a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Outside of that time frame, it is open by appointment only. No matter what time of year, admission is always free. Find out more, look at lots more pictures of klown dolls (if you dare), and get the phone number for making an appointment at the museum’s site.