Stop By Ivanna Cone, A Charming Ice Cream Shop With Delicious Hard Scoop In Nebraska

We can pretty much find ice cream anywhere – from our local grocery store to the big name ice cream chains. When we want our ice cream paired with a unique experience, however, we have to expand our horizons a bit. Ivanna Cone, a charming ice cream shop in Nebraska, for example, makes all of its handmade ice cream right in the shop. Watch delicious ice cream as its made, or sit back and relax in this vibrant ice cream shop.

What is your favorite ice cream shop in Nebraska? Tell us about it in the comments! Love old-fashioned ice cream shops like Ivanna Cone? Add Graley’s Creamery in Papillion to your to do list. Click here to read more.

Address: 701 P St #101, Lincoln, NE 68508, USA