Most People Don’t Know These 6 Treasures Are Hiding In Nebraska

Did you ever dream of treasure hunting when you were a kid? Growing up in Nebraska, we could always find cool things like arrowheads or fossils when out on a country walk. But imagine actually finding the hiding spots of one of these legendary hidden treasures…

There are dozens of other tales of random travelers, settlers, soldiers, and bootleggers burying money around the state. In a state with a whole lot of wide open space, those treasures (if they indeed exist) could very well be lost forever.

As a note to potential treasure hunters: always get permission before attempting to look for treasure on private or government-owned property. There’s a very good chance you’ll find yourself looking down the barrel of an angry rancher’s gun if you wander to where you shouldn’t be!

Have you ever gone hunting for buried treasure in Nebraska? If so, what did you find? Tell us all about it in the comments.