The Magnificent Bridge Trail In Nebraska That Will Lead You To A Hidden Overlook

Most people don’t realize that a unique ecosystem exists in the area around Lincoln: saline wetlands. These saltwater marshes are some of the most biologically diverse areas in the state, and much of the plant and animal life seen here is not found elsewhere in Nebraska. There are lots of ways to observe this stunning place, but this hike is definitely one of the most beautiful and serene.

This little-known marsh is one of the most serene natural places you’ll find in the entire state. You’ll rarely encounter other human visitors, but you can expect to see plenty of deer, birds, and insects, including Frank Shoemaker’s favorite, the Salt Creek beetle. Be advised that there are ticks here, so wearing long pants and sleeves is advised. Visit Frank Shoemaker Marsh for yourself on the northern outskirts of Lincoln at N 27th St and Bluff Rd.

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Address: Frank Shoemaker Marsh, N 27th St, Lincoln, NE 68531, USA