Here’s The Ultimate Terrifying Nebraska Road Trip And It’ll Haunt Your Dreams (Part 3)

So far, we have taken you to some of the most haunted places in the eastern part of Nebraska and in the central region of the state. Now we’re finishing out our terrifying road trip with a few places in the Panhandle. This area was once known as the beginning of the wild west, and there are plenty of historical sites commemorating the hardscrabble life people lived back then. This trip will take us through some fascinating historical sites and a couple of more modern – though no less haunted – places. We will end, of course, at one of Nebraska’s finest haunted hotels.

The map starts off in Ogallala and heads northwest, but you can visit the sites in any order you choose. If you want to follow our trail, you can access (and modify, if you choose) the map here.

There are, as always, various other reportedly haunted side trips you can take. Some say Chimney Rock and the Scotts Bluff Monument are haunted, and since this road trip takes you relatively close to them it’s a great chance to check them out. If you decide to do this trip, please share your experiences (and maybe some spooky ghost photos!) in the comments.