Few People Know That Nebraska Is The Birthplace Of Kool-Aid, The Original Kids’ Drink

You can find Kool-Aid on dinner tables and picnic tables all around the country, particularly during summertime. It’s available in grocery stores everywhere, but not everyone knows that Kool-Aid was invented right here in Nebraska.

You can learn more about the invention of Kool-Aid, Edwin Perkins’ life, and a whole lot more at the Hastings Museum. It features a large space dedicated to Kool-Aid history, complete with early Kool-Aid Man costumes, tons of Kool-Aid merchandise, and some fun photo opportunities. Check out the museum’s website for information on visiting.

While you’re in Hastings, be sure to visit the Bigfoot Crossroads of America Museum – it’s totally worth a stop!

Address: Hastings, NE, USA