The Story Behind This Evil Place In Nebraska Will Make Your Blood Turn Cold

Quiet little Rulo, in the very southeastern corner of Nebraska, is a beautiful river town with a strong sense of community pride. The surrounding farm country is some of the loveliest you’ll see in Nebraska. In the 1980s, however, evil came to town and left a permanent mark. The town of Rulo itself is not evil in the least, but the acts that took place nearby are so shocking that they will never be forgotten.

Law enforcement officials found huge quantities of guns, ammunition, and explosives. Further searches turned up the graves of Ryan’s two victims. Evidence led to Ryan’s conviction on murder charges, after which he was sentenced to death. Two others involved in the torture were also convicted for their crimes and received stiff sentences, but have since been released.

The news video below shows the fate of one of the other men involved in the torture. After serving many years in prison, he was released on parole and his sentence was later commuted.

For Ryan’s part in the evil crimes, he was sentenced to death…and he died of natural causes while on death row in 2015. Although he is gone, and most of the hog farm buildings have been demolished or simply swallowed by time, the memory of these terrible events will live on in the memories of Nebraskans and particularly those who call the sweet little town of Rulo home.

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