What This Drone Footage Captured At This Abandoned Nebraska Mall Is Truly Grim

When it opened in 1960, Crossroads Mall at Omaha’s busiest intersection, 72nd and Dodge, was home to big name stores like Brandeis and Sears. Other businesses like Dillard’s and Younkers later joined as anchor stores, and tons of other shops once occupied bays throughout the years. In the mid-2000s, however, the mall went into steep decline and tenants began moving out in droves. More than half of the mall bays are currently unoccupied, and the entire second floor is closed off to visitors. This mostly-empty building used to be a hub of activity for families, but it now stands nearly silent and still. YouTube user AV8ing life piloted a drone through the nearly-abandoned mall, and the results were magnificent.

The mall has been plagued for the past decade with failed ideas to reinvigorate the property or tear down the building and build a new project in its place. While talks are still ongoing, for the time being Crossroads is more or less a ghost town with only a few tenants and an unsteady, unsure future.

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