The Creepiest Ghost Story To Ever Come Out Of Nebraska Is Truly Chilling

Nebraska is full of stories of hauntings. We’ve looked at many of them in our three-part haunted road trip here, here, and here. The nature of the hauntings varies from one place to the next, and stories range from funny to frightening. This lesser-known haunting has one of the creepiest origin stories we’ve ever heard.

What happened to the woman? Was this a tragic accident? Was it revenge from a spurned lover? The world may never know the whole story.

Have you ever experienced the spooky gaze of the unnamed lady at the Wheat Growers Hotel? Next time you’re in Kimball, drive by the property to see if you can spy her in the windows at 102 South Oak Street. The gorgeous building is on the National Register of Historic Places, so even if you don’t see a ghost it’s worth the trip to see this fine example of great plains architecture.