This Cowboy Cattle Drive In Nebraska Is The Most Nebraska Thing You’ll See Today

The cowboy lifestyle is unlike any other. While many may picture the rough-and-tumble days of the wild west or the classic old western movies, this job is not always glamorous, but is definitely unique and rewarding in its own wonderful way.

If you’ve never seen a cattle drive in real life, you may be surprised to see the skills it entails. If you are familiar with these ranching duties, we think you’ll love this birds-eye-view video of a cattle drive from above. We’ve seen our fair share of these, but this footage from Bowring Ranch in Nebraska is pretty awesome!

Ranch life requires hard work, but the cowboys we know wouldn’t trade it for the world!

This video was shared by worldfromaboveHD on YouTube. This is definitely a channel to check out for more amazing aerial footage shot from across the globe!

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