3 Conspiracy Theories In Nebraska That Will Make You Question Everything

Although Nebraska is a pretty calm place overall, we aren’t immune to the craziness of the world. These three conspiracy theories about our state had varying degrees of impact on those of us who live in and love Nebraska.

1. China is Seizing Nebraska From the U.S. Government


This theory dates back to at least 2009. The story goes that China owns quite a lot of U.S. debt and has decided to call it all in. Because the U.S. doesn’t have enough cash to pay the debts immediately, the government will have to hand over Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, and most of Iowa. This theory has been disproven easily and repeatedly by multiple sources, but it has still managed to makes its rounds around the internet for more than half a decade.

These theories are more than a little disturbing. What do you think about these stories? Do you know of any other Nebraska-related conspiracy theories? Share them in the comments.