What’s not to love about the heavenly and rich taste of chocolate? If you’re a fan of this sweet treat, it’s understandable that you’ll go the distance to find the best Nebraska chocolate when you’re in the state.

Does your chocolate usually come in the form of a bar that you pick up as an afterthought at the gas station? If so, you’re in serious need of some chocolate therapy. You’ll find it in the form of the following day-long Nebraska chocolate road trip that will take you to some of the tastiest and best chocolate shops in the eastern part of the Cornhusker State. Want to know more? Read on to discover the sweet treats you’ll get to indulge in during your delicious outing in Nebraska.

While one road trip can’t possibly include all the best candy stores in Nebraska, this three-hour drive is still a terrific way to bond with your family as you satisfy your craving for something sweet.

Have you been to any (or all) of the Nebraska chocolate shops on this road trip? If so, let us know which one(s) were your favorite in the following comments section.

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Nebraska Chocolate Shops

What are some candy shops near me when I'm in Nebraska? 

If you're in Nebraska and wondering, "where are some candy shops near me?", take a look at the following stores.


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What is considered one of the largest candy stores in Nebraska? 

Baker's Candies is considered one of the largest candy stores in Nebraska. Here are some fun (and sweet) facts about this candy shop.

  • The massive candy store spans 6000 feet.
  • Baker's Candies has been around since 1987.
  • Along with their signature meltaways, Baker's Candies sells fudge and other types of chocolate.
  • In 2018, Baker's Candies expanded its factory and became the biggest shop of its kind in Nebraska.


What are some of the best road trips in Nebraska?

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