Here Are The Most Generous, Giving Counties In Nebraska

This is the time of year that many people start thinking more about their fellow humans and how to help those less fortunate. For some, though, that giving spirit is part of daily life all year round. The Chronicle of Philanthropy compiles data from counties all across the country to determine how much of their income the average person gives to charity in a given year. They take into account the differences in cost of living from one place to the next, measuring the donation amounts against the income that people have left over after covering basic living expenses. These are the 12 counties in Nebraska that gave the largest percentage of their money to charity in 2012, the most recent year analyzed by The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

There are some limitations to the Chronicle’s data measurements: the data was collected from tax returns on which residents itemized their deductions, which means that those who don’t itemize aren’t represented here. Still, their report gives an enlightening glimpse at how much of their income Nebraskans are willing to donate to good causes. Want more information? You can find the How America Gives data, including their methodology, at The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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