Before you scroll down, please note: the video below contains a graphic image of a dead animal.

Bigfoot sightings are a pretty big thing in Nebraska. It seems everyone has a story about the time they saw one or the time their friend’s cousin’s boss found a footprint in her backyard. There are some people who just go along with the stories for fun, and others who really, truly believe that there are ape-men walking around the fields of Nebraska. Such is the case for someone who goes by Samuel, whose location is identified only as “In Nebraska…on a farm near the forest.” In the first part of 2015, he took a single photograph of what is claimed to be a Bigfoot corpse.

To us, it looks more like a dog or a bear than a primate. But we know there are a lot of Bigfoot enthusiasts out there, so let us know: does this look like the real deal to you? Or is it someone’s imagination getting away from them? Also, why in the world would anyone only take ONE picture if they thought there was a dead Bigfoot on their property?!

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