These 11 Places In Nebraska Make The Best Sandwiches EVER

It’s said that the English nobleman, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, didn’t want to leave his gaming table to eat so he ordered his valet to bring him meat shoved between two pieces of bread. Soon after, people were ordering “the sandwich.” And the rest is history. We all seem to like the convenience and probably the variety the sandwich seems to offer. From club, to cuban, wraps and paninis, the sandwich is a staple in everyday American fare.

Fortunately, Nebraska has some great places to quench the sandwich thirst. Here are 11 places in Nebraska that serve the best sandwiches ever.

We forgot to warn you that you’d be hungry after reading this article. Oops.

Of course, with so many amazing restaurants in Nebraska it’s possible there are other places that serve great sandwiches. Feel free to add your fave to this list in our comments and read this article for our recommendations of 20 Restaurants Have You To Visit In Nebraska Before You Die.