Grab A Drink With Man’s Best Friend At Barks ‘N Brews Doggy Daycare And Dog Bar In Nebraska

You know how fun it is to go out for a drink with friends? It’s even more fun to go out for a drink with your furry, four-legged friends. No, we don’t mean giving your dog a beer – we mean taking him along for a puppy playdate while you enjoy a cold one. You can do just that at Barks N Brews, the very first doggy daycare and (human) bar combo in Ne”bark”sa.

You can drop in for open playtime, which is like an indoor dog park where you stay with your dog, or leave your pup here to play at the daycare while you go to work. To learn more about Barks N Brews, check out its website or Facebook page.

Want to know a secret? There’s a pretty amazing house hiding underground in western Nebraska.

Address: 13730 P St, Omaha, NE 68137, USA