It’s a sight that has become all too common in Nebraska: a derelict farmhouse and its outbuildings, all given over to the elements. Their eventual demise is slow, but unavoidable. The buildings rot piece by piece – some shingles are taken by the wind, then the rain seeps into the walls, and plants begin to grow through the walls and floor. Windows are broken by falling branches or maybe even by mischievous visitors. And the lives that unfolded within those walls are all but forgotten as the people who once lived there never return.

It was a sight that YouTuber Irving P. Feldspar found along the highway one day in Pawnee County. An old farmhouse was nearly hidden from the highway, but he spotted it and went down to investigate. He ventured inside to film the effects of decades of neglect and decay on this once-charming home. (Please note that this is a super dangerous thing to do and we don’t recommend it.)

The farmhouse and its buildings are so serene and lovely in their peaceful setting. You can even see the remnants of the cute wallpaper that was lovingly applied by someone many, many years ago. We may never know what happened to the family who once lived here or why they turned their home over to the elements to let nature reclaim it. But we do know that the results are hauntingly beautiful.

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