8 Undeniable Differences Between The Western And Eastern Parts Of Montana

There’s no doubt about it, Eastern Montana and Western Montana have some dramatic differences. While we all unite for our love of the Treasure State and all it stands for, which part of the state you call home may depend on your job of choice, your hobbies, or your personal preferences. If you have a Montana area code, you’re already doing something right … but here are the most obvious differences when comparing western vs eastern Montana.

No matter what side of the Western vs Eastern Montana debate you come down on, if you’re a Montanan, you’re lucky indeed. It really is no wonder we think it’s the best state to call home.

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Western Vs. Eastern Montana

June 03, 2022

What unique words and phrases do people in Montana say?

We love how every state has its own unique collection of phrases and words that will only make sense to locals! We drink ditches, drive rigs, and “cowboy up” and no one can tell us differently. The phrases unique to Montana are not only fun to say, but they also reflect our unique way of life. One of our most fun phrases is “hooky bobbing,” which means to be towed over the snow, while behind a vehicle, and by holding onto the bumper! Not the safest practice but certainly distinctive!

What is Montana known for?

Montana has lots within its borders that make it notable. Probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Big Sky Country is Yellowstone National Park. This park absolutely cannot be missed and should honestly be seen by anyone interested in stunning national parks. The land also features rich deposits of minerals that make stunning crystals and gems like sapphires. And, of course, there are stunning mountains absolutely everywhere that are so comforting and beautiful to view. There are more hidden gems in Montana as well that are worth your time.

What are the best small towns in Montana?

The best small towns in Montana will absolutely take your breath away. Visit Red Lodge for awesome snow sports and hiking, and when you’re tuckered out and need a good meal, there is great dining to revitalize you! Or step back in time by visiting Fort Benton, a well-preserved historical town. Another small town in Montana that is pretty hard to beat is Big Sky. Here, the Mountain views and placid reflective water are so splendidly peaceful that you’ll barely notice all the other visitors!