Montana is a true hidden gem. It’s one of those states that everyone knows is stunningly beautiful, but less have actually experienced the jaw-dropping sights here in person. With both Glacier National Park and Rocky Mountains (as well as part of Yellowstone National Park) within our boundaries, the real wonder here is why everyone in the world hasn’t visited these natural wonders!

Guess what? No photo or video can fully do our state justice when you want to see the pristine natural beauty here, but this aerial footage is some of the best we’ve seen, and it captures (almost) everything we love about life in Montana.

We’re right on the Continental Divide, which means Montana has a truly diverse landscape with both high mountain peaks, rivers, and lakes, as well as the expansive wide-open plains that gave us our “Big Sky State” nickname. This state is packed with United States history, from the rich culture of the Native Americans to the important part Montana played in the Lewis and Clark expedition. Outdoorsmen (and women) know that some of the best hiking, hunting, and fishing is found here, and with so much to explore, Montana is perfect for those with an adventuresome spirit.

This incredible video was shared by worldfromaboveHD on YouTube. Check out the channel to see more amazing aerial footage from across the globe!

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