Here Are The 10 Unhealthiest Counties In Montana

For the most part, Montana is a very healthy state. We’ve got access to fresh air, numerous hiking trails for great exercise, and plenty of fresh, healthy food. That being said, some of our counties rank higher than others in terms of healthy citizens.

This data from 2017 isn’t perfect. There wasn’t enough information for a few of our counties to rank, and we all know that health is a complex matter with a lot of factors, some of which could very well be inaccurately portrayed here. That being said, based on data like obesity, smoking rates, and premature death rates, these counties scored the lowest. Where does your county rank?

Obviously, you’ll find healthy and unhealthy people all over Montana. If your county is listed here, all you can do is live your best life and encourage your neighbors to do the same. If you do need to make some lifestyle changes, these beautiful hiking trails are all under 3 miles in length.