The Hike In Montana That Takes You To Not One, But TWO Insanely Beautiful Waterfalls

It’s no secret that most Montanans love to hike – not only is it great exercise, it gives us a chance to enjoy the most beautiful natural scenery on Earth. All over the state, there are beautiful places to explore, and whether you’re looking for a mountain trek, forest adventure, or canyon crusade, you’ll find all sorts of scenic hikes right here! Waterfall hikes are particularly peaceful, especially when you get to see two of them on the trail. The next time you go to Glacier National Park, make sure you find the St. Mary and Virginia Falls Trail, which we happen to think is one of the best hikes in Montana!

Well — what do you think? Are you still on the hunt for “waterfalls near me” in Montana? We totally get it. If you love waterfalls, check out this perfect Montana weekend itinerary.

Address: Saint Mary Falls, Montana 59417, USA
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Waterfalls near me

April 17, 2022

What’s another beautiful waterfall hike in Montana?

Waterfalls are a refreshing sight to see while out in the wilderness, and Montana is full of beautiful hiking trails that lead to magnificent waterfalls. Woodbine Falls is a remote waterfall, making it a peaceful hiking destination. This adventure will be like no other as you travel the secluded trail to one of the tallest waterfalls in Montana! Woodbine Falls is 280 feet tall. It is a 1.4 mile hike to reach the falls, making it an accessible adventure allowing hikers of any skill level to tackle the trail. Another bonus: many hikers find this trail to be a refreshing experience compared to the busier national parks nearby. A trailhead located in the Woodbine Campground provides an accessible entrance to the trail. It starts off lightly wooded along (and eventually across) the Woodbine Creek. While there you’ll also have a stunning view of Montana’s rugged mountain landscape… there’s truly nothing like it!

What’s the most beautiful waterfall in Montana?

Gosh, we happen to adore *all* of the Treasure State’s wondrous waterfalls, but in the interest of being subjective and answering the question, we’ll direct you to this article that lists 13 stupendous hidden waterfalls in Montana. Some of our favorites worth seeking out include Where Water Meets Rock, Kootenai Falls, Woodbine Falls, Holland Lake Waterfall, and Ousel Falls. Of course, if you’re into waterfall chasing, Glacier National Park is a veritable treasure trove of glorious waterfalls. It’s home to notable cascades such as Aster Falls, Virginia Falls, Running Eagle Falls, and Triple Falls!

Address: Saint Mary Falls, Montana 59417, USA