This Video Shows Off The Simple, Understated Beauty of Western Montana

Visitors to Montana are often amazing by the wide open stretches across the state where you can drive for hours at a time without seeing a single other person. While many states are packed to the brim with people, Montana is unique in it’s beautiful solitude. Those of us who live in and love this state know appreciate the “small stuff” in life, but we aren’t called the “Big Sky State” for nothing.

This off-the-beaten-path drive along Montana Highway 141 between Avon and Helmville shows off the best of both. As it travels along the foot of the Garnet Range of the Rocky Mountains in western Montana, you’ll find out-of-the-way barns, a schoolhouse, and out buildings remind us of simpler times, but there’s no way you can miss the expansive skies that we know and love.

City-dwellers used to the fast-paced modern life may never understand how to truly slow down, but Montanans know better than anyone the importance of sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the quiet, understated beauty of our home state.

Photographer and videographer David Eggebraaten travels across the state to capture the unique, simple wonders found in Montana. Check out his videos showcasing the unusual ruins of the Canyon Creek Charcoal Kilns, his exploration of an eerily beautiful Montana ghost town, and his stunning aerial flyover of the Missoula Complex. To see more, head over to his YouTube channel!