Explore A New Side Of Noxon Reservoir With Saint Paul Lake Trail, A Special Kayak Trail In Montana

Noxon Reservoir in Noxon, Montana, has plenty of incredible trails to follow. One, in particular, is ideal for kayakers. It’s Saint Paul Lake Trail and measures 7.1 miles in length. It takes over four hours to walk the entire trail and is best to visit from July through October. Dogs on leashes are welcome in the area, meaning you can enjoy time with your four-legged friend in your kayak or at your campsite.

9 Secret Spots In Montana Where Nature Will Completely Relax You. It’s yet another list for you to follow. It gives you access to some of the most incredible locations throughout the state. You’ll appreciate having the chance to go to places where serenity is inevitable.

Address: Noxon Reservoir, Montana, USA