Montanans Will Never Forget Their First Time Visiting Saint Mary Lake

Montaña is a Spanish word meaning mountain, and no name could be more perfect for our magnificent state. “Land of the Shining Mountains,” locals will explain in reference to their own backyards. One of the most mystifying natural landmarks in Montana is easy to access at the local national park, and its beauty is enough to move any and every Montanan.

It may be one of 118 named lakes in Glacier County, but Saint Mary Lake is perhaps the most stunning. Its wildflowers are intoxicating in the warmer months, and the surrounding streams and pools are mighty and striking even in the winter. Even if you simply drive by and enjoy the majesty of this lake from the comfort of your car, this is one natural landmark in Montana that you won’t want to pass up. 

Saint Mary Lake is among the loveliest natural landmarks in Montana. Do you remember the first time you laid eyes upon this ten-mile lake in Montana? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Address: Saint Mary Lake, Montana 59417, USA