Cuddle The Most Adorable Rescued Farm Animals For Free At Safe Haven Llama and Alpaca Sanctuary In Montana

For the past 20 years, Safe Haven Llama and Alpaca Sanctuary (SHLAS), a non-profit, has saved llamas and alpacas through adoption, rescue, and public outreach. The farm animal sanctuary, located in Corvallis, Montana is home to neglected, abandoned, handicapped, mistreated, and abused llamas and alpacas. If you’re a lover of these sweet creatures, you should visit the sanctuary to see how happy they are in their new home.

SHLAS is considered retirement for llamas and alpacas so please try to be kind to the animals when you visit. If you can, make sure to donate to the sanctuary to help them continue the good work.

Have you ever visited Safe Haven Llama and Alpaca Sanctuary? If so, we’d love to hear all about your experience in the comments section below. Don’t forget to check out our previous article for another epic animal encounter in Montana: Take A Ranch Tour At Alpacaland In Montana For An Adorable Experience.

Address: 780 Old Corvallis Rd, Corvallis, MT 59828, USA