Here Are 7 Jokes About People In Montana That Are Actually Funny

Montanans are some of the best people on Earth, and that means they aren’t afraid to have a laugh at their own expense. Some jokes about Montana are actually funny, even if they aren’t entirely accurate. Need some convincing? We thought you might, which is why we searched around for some Montana jokes that are actually funny. Get ready to laugh.

So, what do you think? Are these Montana jokes funny or not? Ever heard them before? What are your favorite jokes about Montana? Tell us!

These funny jokes about Montana aren’t the only way residents can have a laugh at their own expense. Just take a look at these Montana stereotypes, which are actually true.

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Jokes About Montana

August 04, 2022

What are the best things about living in Montana?

All jokes aside, Montana is a great place to live. There’s so much to love about living in Montana. For starters, it’s one of the most beautiful states in the nation. From mountain peaks to grasslands, the state’s landscape is stunning. The diverse terrain, of course, provides plenty of opportunities for recreational fun. The perks of life in Montana doesn’t end there, though. There state’s large size and small population means crowds, traffic congestion, and lines aren’t the norm. Reasonable living costs are another perk afforded to the residents of Montana.

What are the most popular foods in Montana?

Montana is synonymous with great grub. There seems to be no shortage of delicious dishes associated with the Treasure State, including big game meat. Like a carnivore’s dream, restaurants across the state serve up a variety of hearty, meaty dishes, from elk steaks and burgers to bison stews. Flathead cherries are another must-try in Montana. Grown on the banks of Flathead Lake, the cherries have a reputation for being deliciously sweet and juicy. Sold at street-side stands across the state, the popular cherries are easy to find (and they go down even easier!). Aside from cherries, it’s huckleberries that are a big deal in Montana. They’re used to make everything from pastries to floats. You’ll find an assortment of huckleberry products in stores, farmers markets, and restaurants throughout Montana.