A Visit To The 5 Most Historic Montana Towns Is Like Going Back In Time

Our days are filled with technology – from the phone alarms that wake us up in the morning to the watch we use to track calories – but sometimes, it’s refreshing to simply unplug, take a step back from electronics, and remember that technology wasn’t always so pervasive.

Wait… we just tried to remember and realized it’s a lot harder than we thought! Like us, you may need a little inspiration to set the tone for a world (or day) without technology. Here are five historic towns in Montana that will make you feel as if you went back in time… to a time when someone couldn’t even fathom the utility of a Fitbit.

There are far more reasons to visit Montana than we can list here. From the mountain ranges and a taste of the last frontier to its waterways and wildlife. But its many long-standing towns rich in history are certainly among the top reasons to visit the “Big Sky Country.”

Have you visited any of these towns? Which town felt the most dated?

Address: Virginia City, MT 59729, USA
Address: Miles City, MT 59301, USA
Address: Bannack, MT 59725, USA
Address: Stevensville, MT 59870, USA
Address: Fort Benton, MT 59442, USA