9 Hikes In Montana For Mere Mortals That Lead To Mystifying Destinations

Some Montanans are seasoned hikers, scaling steep hills and trekking through canyons like it’s nothing. And then there are the rest of us, the mere mortals who prefer hikes to be a little more realistic. If you enjoy the great outdoors but you’re more of a novice than a pro, you’ll want to check out the following trails, which we think are some of the best hikes in Montana!

These might be some of the best hikes in Montana, but our state has so many stunning trails to choose from! These hikes, for example, are all under five miles, and showcase some of the best scenery in the Treasure State!

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Best hikes in Montana

April 17, 2022

What are some of the best sunset hikes in Montana?

There’s nothing quite like lacing up your boots and going for a hike in the beautiful Montana wilds. No matter where you’re located in Big Sky Country, you’re sure to be near someplace scenic and worth exploring! And if you time it right, you’ll also catch an incredible sunset. So we put together this list of trails that lead to stellar spots for enjoying a sunset. The Four Dances Trail in Billings is a 2.6 mile loop trail boasts some of the most beautiful views in Montana, and hitting the trail just before sunset feels positively magical! If you're up for a challenge, the Lake McDonald Trail in Glacier National Park is a bucket-list trail for many. If you've ever seen Lake McDonald at sunset (or sunrise!), you know why this hike would be amazing. The entire trail is over 13 miles in length, but you don't have to hike the whole thing to get a great workout with gorgeous views!

What are the most scenic trails in Montana?

Pretty much every trail in Montana offers scenic vistas, but there are some that go above and beyond. This list has some of our favorite scenic trails in Montana, and it includes treks such as the Lava Lake Trail at Gallatin Gateway, the Grotto Falls Trail, the Heart and Pearl Lakes Trail in Superior, Maclay Flat Nature Trail in Missoula, the The M Trail in Bozeman, and the Trout Creek Canyon near Helena. If you're looking for trails with amazing scenic payoffs, the Redrock Falls Trail in Glacier National Park is a perennial favorite. This gorgeous 3.5-mile hike has a little bit of everything: Wildlife (take your bear spray), lush, green forest, and a waterfall. It's not too strenuous, but it does stay snowy well into late spring here, which makes this a picture-perfect trek for summer!