This Tranquil Flyover Will Give You A Whole New View Of The Historic Fort Missoula Complex

A gorgeous summer morning in the heart of western Montana revealed the perfect conditions to take an aerial flight above the historic Fort Missoula complex near Missoula, Montana. The beautiful Bitterroot River flows by the complex and alongside the Missoula Country Club’s 18-hole championship golf course.

Fort Missoula has a rich and colorful history. It was established in 1877 by the U.S. Army to help protect settlers from possible attacks by Native American Indians. It was also home to the famous U.S. Army Bicycle Corps, nicknamed Buffalo Soldiers. This Infantry Regiment tested the use of bicycles for military transportation. One of their rides in 1896-97 took them 1,900 miles to St. Louis, Missouri! During WWII Fort Missoula housed an internment camp for Italian POWs and Japanese Americans arrested as “enemy aliens.”

Fort Missoula was decommissioned in 2001. It now contains non-military agencies and one of our landmark attractions, the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula. Inside exhibits change frequently and outside exhibits, like the ones you can see in this video, are always fun to explore. Fort Missoula Complex has something for everyone and definitely is a “must see” destination for you and your family this summer!

To see more of David Eggebraaten’s beautiful drone footage of Montana, check out his YouTube Channel!