We all know that Montana is a gem, but it’s actually called “The Treasure State” because it’s full of them. Our rich mineral reserves have been a major part of our economy in the past, and these days, you can still find gold, sapphires, and other stones all over the state. And if it’s quartz crystals you’re after, all you have to do is head to Crystal Park in Montana. Montana is home to several parks, and Crystal Park is a unique one that belongs on your bucket list.

There’s no denying that digging for crystals is such a unique experience. And if you live in eastern Montana, you can even dig for fossils.

Have you ever been to Crystal Park in Montana? If so, please tell us all about your best finds with a comment. For a really fun weekend digging for crystals, stay at this beautiful mountain cabin near the Elkhorn Hot Springs south of Crystal Park.

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Finding crystals in montana

What group of mountains is one of the best places for crystal digging in Montana?

Some of the best places to find crystals, gems, and rare stones in Montana include:


When it comes to things to do, Montana doesn't disappoint! There are several things to do here in Montana. One of the most popular activities for all ages is crystal digging. That's right! You can dig for crystals right here in "The Treasure State." A great place for crystal digging is Crystal Park. Crystal Park is tucked away in the Pioneer Mountains. This beautiful mountain range covers approximately 2,000 square miles in Beaverhead County near Dillon. If you've ever been interested in crystal digging in Montana, Crystal Park is a great place to start. It's a wonderful activity for the entire family to enjoy together. In addition to the fun you'll experience while digging for crystals, you'll also get to enjoy lots of beautiful surrounding scenery.

What's a popular crystal you might discover during your visit to Crystal Park in Montana?

Some of the popular crystals you might discover at Crystal Park in Montana include:

  • Smoky Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Scepter crystals


As previously mentioned, Crystal Park is a great place to go crystal digging in Montana. While there, visitors get to dig for all kinds of crystals. One of the most popular crystals, if not "the" most popular, that many people discover while digging at Crystal Park is a quartz crystal. A quartz crystal is usually discovered near river beds and beaches. However, the ones at Crystal Park in Montana are usually discovered near pieces of decomposed granite. If you go to Crystal Park and happen to find a quartz crystal, even a small one, don't overlook it. It's believed that this type of crystal has a variety of healing powers.

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