These 4 Spots In Montana Serve The Best Hawaiian Shave Ice Outside Of Maui

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Hawaii, you may have been lucky enough to enjoy some Hawaiian shave ice. This dessert is made from shaving a block of ice, hence its name. The result is a bit like a snow cone, only it’s much, much better. But there’s no need to book a flight to Maui to enjoy it — we’ve got a few spots serving authentic shave ice right here in Montana.

These portable shave ice trucks and trailers can be tricky to track down, but if you Google any of them in the summertime, you should be able to figure out where in town they’ll be parked that day… and you’ll be enjoying a little piece of paradise before you know it.

If you’ve never tried Hawaiian shave ice, make this the summer you enjoy it. And before summer ends, you’ll definitely want to check out our ice cream trail as well.