Nature promises so much beauty — from mountain ranges to hidden caves. Arguably, one of the most beautiful of nature’s masterpieces is the waterfall. There’s nothing quite as serene and as perfect as a waterfall and, luckily, Missouri’s home to plenty of them. Wondering “where are there waterfalls near me in Missouri?” Look no further. Embark on this trail in Missouri for a picturesque hike that will lead you to a spectacular waterfall (particularly after a rainfall).

Do you have a favorite trail in Missouri that leads to a spectacular waterfall? Let us know in the comments! Next time you ask yourself, “what are the waterfalls near me in Missouri,” you might want to hit the road on this weekend waterfalls road trip.

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Waterfalls Near Me In Missouri

What are the best hidden gems in Missouri?

When you’re in the mood for an adventure, set off to see some of the best hidden gems in Missouri. Cave Vineyard, for example, is probably the most unique winery in Missouri, if not the United States. After you’ve purchased wine from the shop, meander down to the natural cave, where you can grab a seat, sip wine, and have a bite to eat. Lone Elk Park is an ideal destination, especially if you love animals. You can drive through the park or follow one of its hiking trails to see a variety of wildlife including elk. Make your way to The Mine at Bonne Terre for a one-of-a-kind tour that will take you on a boat through the world’s largest manmade cavern.

Are there any natural wonders in Missouri?

Natural wonders in Missouri? We’ve got a ton of ‘em. In fact, you might want to start a bucket list, so you don’t miss any of them. If you’re a fan of wildlife, you’ll definitely want to visit Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area, home to wetland pools and limestone bluffs. It’s also a popular spot for leaf peeping in the fall. Follow the Interpretive Loop Trail at Grand Gulf State Park, which leads to Missouri’s own little Grand Canyon. Meandering 184 miles through Missouri, the Current River’s another natural wonder, one you can experience by tubing, kayaking, or canoeing.

What are the best easy hikes in Missouri?

Hiking’s just about the perfect activity whether you want an easy trek or a challenging trail. We’re certainly not lacking for easy hikes in Missouri that boast amazing scenery. The two-mile Spring Branch Trail, for example is short, sweet, and leads you to Bollefer Spring and the ruins of the Bollefer springhouse. Drover’s Trail tallies three miles through Prairie State Park, where you’ll have up-close views of the resident bison. At just half of a mile, Maple Hollow Trail in Cape Girardeau is dotted with colorful wildflowers in the warmer months. The trail is paved, a big selling point if you are bringing little ones or a stroller.

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