Here Are The Best Times And Places To View Fall Foliage Around St. Louis

Fall is about to put on a colorful show in St. Louis that you definitely don’t want to miss! The folks over at Smoky Mountains created a fantastic interactive map predicting the best times and places to see the beautiful fall foliage across the country.

Along with their predictions, we’ve included some of the best places in the area to get out and see the lovely autumn colors. Of course, living in St. Louis means we will see plenty of greenery changing with the season, but we picked out a few places with breathtaking views of the spectacularly colorful season! Start planning your fall foliage sightseeing trip now – Autumn is right around the corner!

Check out the fall foliage map for yourself to stay up-to-date on the best viewing days. The Missouri Department of Conservation also offers fall color updates. Do you have a favorite fall foliage viewing spot? Share with us in the comments below!