11 Things Every St. Louisan Wants The Rest Of The Country To Know

St. Louis is a remarkable city whose splendor has captivated many, influencing them to put down roots so that they can enjoy its wonders as a resident. Despite the city’s progress in recent years, it seems much of the nation is still unaware of what a magical place it truly is. That leaves it up to us resident St. Louisans to tell the world what our coveted community is really like, and it’s no minor task. There is so much to say about a city with so much to offer, but these eleven points help sum up what we’re all about:

In case we haven’t convinced you of the splendor of St. Louis, this video by Stoneburner Drone Service should help you understand:

St. Louis is one of the loveliest places in the nation, but our great city still feels like a hidden gem amidst all the hype surrounding America’s other metropolises. Whether or not the rest of the nation realizes what a gem our city is, we’ll always cherish it.

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