6 Caves Near St. Louis That Are Like Entering Another World

Missouri has thousands of caves across the state, and St. Louis is known for the many caves beneath our streets that were used to keep food and beverages (mostly beer) cool before modern refrigeration was invented.The caves under St. Louis are not accessible to the public and many have had their entrances closed as highways and other infrastructure were built over them.

Luckily, not all of the caves in our area have been lost; this list of caves are all within driving distance from St. Louis and offer safe and otherworldly underground tours you just won’t believe. Every cave has it’s own formations and tunnels, making a visit to each one a unique experience. Read below to learn more about these sites and find tips for your visits!

Cave tours are amazing and offer us a glimpse of our world that seems unreal, but a visit to a cave takes preparation, to ensure you have a great time as you walk underground. Temperatures are very cool in caves, so sweaters and long pants are recommended, even in the summer months. Wear good walking or hiking shoes as caves have narrow passages that are often damp and rocky.

Information on cave tours, spelunking, and facts about our caves can be found on the official site of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Have visited any of these caves? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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