Some Of The Best Drivers In The Nation Are Found In St. Louis, Missouri, According To A New Study

Let’s hear it for the drivers of St. Louis! If you live and drive in St. Louis, you’ve helped the city earn a spot on the list of the best drivers in the nation. In fact, St. Louis came in at seven out of 35 cities, in a recent study released by Kansas City, on the other hand, sits on the 35th spot out of 40 for the worst driving cities in the United States. Here’s how came up with its rankings.

Do you agree with the study results that St. Louis has some of the best drivers in the nation? What about Kansas City? Do you think it has some of the worst drivers? Join the conversation in the comments! With its beautiful byways, Missouri makes driving fun, doesn’t it? Next time you’re in the mood, set off on a leisurely drive along the seven most beautiful byways in Missouri.

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