10 Things You Know Are True If You Went To A Small Town High School In Missouri

Let me preface this by saying I graduated from a high school with less than 400 students, and there were less than 100 in my graduating class. At the time, I probably didn’t appreciate the good things as much as I do looking back.  Even old rivalries are forgotten, and the majority of my schoolmates are now my Facebook friends.  Many of us, while in it, couldn’t wait to get out.  There are really great things about small town high schools and some…well, not so much.  However you feel about it, you will probably agree that these are true (if you are honest).

What are some other things that go along with a small town high school experience?  Parties in the middle of crop fields?  Cruising around town with a carload of friends?  Did you go to a small town high school?  What was your experience?  Share in the comments below.

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