When the summer heat descends upon the Show-Me State, there’s really only one course of action: tubing in Missouri!  Well, we’ve certainly got plenty of sun-soaked days ahead of us, with our long summers in Missouri providing ample time to plan all sorts of outdoor shenanigans, particularly those of the aquatic variety. Because really, one of the best ways to embrace the warm season is by tubing, canoeing, and swimming in cool water! Add a few nights of camping out at this riverfront campground in Missouri, and voila! You’ve got the perfect getaway, and we have the perfect destination where you can do it all — hiking, swimming, camping, and tubing — in Missouri:

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Discover more about this river campground in Missouri by watching this YouTube video by KOLR10 & Fox49.

Have you ever stayed at this riverfront campground in Missouri? Share your experience in the comments below! And, if you like water parks, you’ll definitely want to check into this waterpark campground in Missouri this summer. Who’s ready to make a splash?!

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Tubing in Missouri

Are there any other riverfront campgrounds in Missouri that offer tubing?

Riverfront Campground & Canoe is certainly a special summertime spot in the Show-Me State and it is unique because it offers an all-in-one experience (kind of like an all-inclusive destination resort... but river camping!). If you want to combine these two summertime activities, you certainly can -- you will just have to do a bit of research! For example, the Meramec River is one of the longest waterways in Missouri and it's a favorite for floating and tubing. There are many outfitters and campgrounds along the river, and regardless of where you decided to float the Meramec, you're guaranteed a great time. Ozark Outdoors is a great resource for your outdoor adventures in this area!

The Gasconade River is another great option for those looking for a camping and tubing adventure in Missouri. This river provides unique sights and stops for floaters. There are breathtaking bluffs, caves, and springs along the 280 miles of the waterway. This easy float is often peaceful with less floaters than rivers like the Huzzah, Currant, and Meramec. If you are wanting to drop a line, spot wildlife, or just relax the Gasconade River is a great choice. Check out Gasconade Hills Resort for camping and float trips.

Looking for more Missouri river tubing adventure? Here are some of our favorites that we recommend: 

  • Niangua River, Bennett Spring
  • James River, Galena
  • Big Piney River, Texas County
  • Kings River, Table Rock Lake
  • Eleven Point River, Riverton
  • Black River, Lesterville
  • Big River, Bonne Terre

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tubing in Missouri.

What are the best places for tubing in Missouri?

While Missouri is known for being the “cave state,” there is a crucial element, abundant in Missouri, that is essential in the formation of caves: water! Missouri has 30 waterways that are recommended for floating and canoeing by the Missouri Canoe & Floaters Association. While the mighty Mississippi and Missouri Rivers are not the safest or cleanest bodies of water to relax in, these rivers are perfect for tubing in Missouri this summer. Among those on the list, we like to recommend the Niangua River, James River, Gasconade River, Elk River, Current River, and Huzzah River for tubing in Missouri!

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