This Missouri Funeral Home Has A Museum You Have To See To Believe

This unassuming funeral home in St. Joseph has a hidden museum tucked away in the back of the building. The museum features caskets and historical artifacts that show off the advances of mortuary science. According to staff members, the museum came about partially through the merging of the different funeral homes. David Heaton owned the first funeral home in St. Joseph in 1842. The Sidenfaden Funeral Home opened after the Civil War and by the 1960s the Heaton-Smith Funeral Home and the Sidenfaden Funeral Home was purchased by the Smith’s who still own the business today. You’ll find many of the unique pieces found in the museum relate directly back to one of these three funeral parlors. It’s certainly a unique place to visit that will leave you with some great stories to to tell your friends about!

Have you been to the museum at Heaton-Bowman-Smith & Sidenfaden Chapel? Tell us about your visit in the comments below.