The Kansas City area is home to a couple million people and plenty to do. Of course, we naturally want to escape the city every once in a while, so where do we go when we like to head back to small towns and our roots? These nine underrated towns are a great start! How many have you visited? Here are some of the best small towns near Kansas City to escape to:

Have you visited these cool small towns near Kansas City? Which one is your favorite? Do you have others that you think belong on this list? Share your thoughts in the comments!

If you’re more into staying near home, you should check out these mini Statues of Liberty right here in Kansas City!

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Best Small Towns Near Kansas City

Where are all the cute towns near Kansas City? 

Want to live in the same charming vibes as Kansas City but prefer to avoid major cities in general? We get it. So, why not visit – or even move to – one of the many cute towns near Kansas City that, while nearby the city, tend to steer clear of the hustle and bustle of city life anyway? We have a few favorites that are worth mentioning; check out the delightful little slice of heaven known as Olathe, Kansas, which is easily one of the largest suburbs of Kansas City (and one of the most beautiful). With a population of less than 140,000 people, it’s the perfect mixture of city and small town. We also love Lee’s Summit, Missouri, a gorgeous, lush green town with a population of just over 98,000 people. They’re cute without being too small, and full of things to do without being too gigantic.  

What are the best small towns near Kansas City to live in?  

Well, we ought to mention Olathe again, because it’s an amazing town and one of the safest in Kansas. Other delightful small towns near Kansas City include hidden gems like Liberty, Missouri (population 31,779), Lenexa, Kansas (population 55,294), and Merriam, Kansas (population 11,178).  

What are the most populous towns around Kansas City?  

Some of the towns already mentioned would make the list of most populous towns around Kansas City like Olathe, Kansas (population 139,605), Lee’s Summit, Missouri (population 98,461), Lenexa, Kansas (population 55,294), Blue Springs, Missouri (population 55,104), and Liberty, Missouri (population 31,779). Compared with Kansas City’s population of about 491,158 people as of 2020, these suburbs are quite a bit smaller, with the largest (Olathe) being just about a quarter of the size Kansas City is. Did you know that some of these small towns make the list of the safest places to live in Kansas?