Reserve A Getaway, If You Dare, At This Haunted Airbnb In Missouri

Okay, all you daredevils out there. That includes you, too, ghost hunters and lovers of all things haunted. We all know that Missouri’s home to its fair share of haunted spots – from old hotels to charming restaurants. If you’re looking for a getaway that combines a beautiful, bright and airy home with a helping of the paranormal, you can’t go wrong at this haunted Airbnb in Missouri.

Do you have a favorite Airbnb in Missouri (whether it’s haunted or not)? Would you stay in Hobo Hill House? Join the conversation in the comments! For a paranormal-free getaway, consider a stay at Lil Silo on the Prairie near Sedalia and Green Ridge. You’ll get to sleep in a former grain silo.

Address: Jefferson City, MO, USA