The Story Behind This Haunted Place In Missouri Will Make Your Blood Turn Cold

Cemeteries are traditionally peaceful places, generally silent except for the surrounding sounds of nature and the quiet conversations of those visiting their loved ones. They’re a place where we can seek solace and quiet in an otherwise noisy world. However, some cemeteries have a darker side, at least if you believe in the paranormal, with restless souls wandering away from their graves. This cemetery and barracks, in fact, just might be the most haunted place in Missouri.

Have you been to this haunted place in Missouri? Did you experience anything out-of-the-ordinary? Share your experience in the comments. If you’re all about the paranormal, check out these creepy and haunted sites in Missouri.

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Address: Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, 2900 Sheridan Rd, St. Louis, MO 63125, USA