Four Generations Of A Missouri Family Have Owned And Operated The Legendary Hoeckele’s Bakery And Deli

A long line at an eatery might turn off our grumbling stomachs. However, one’s thing for sure: A long line is usually a good indicator that the destination – perhaps a bakery and a deli – we’ve chosen is pretty darn good. That’s certainly true of Hoeckele’s Bakery and Deli in Missouri. The beloved Missouri instituion earns rave reviews from customers, who swear that it makes the world’s best donuts.

Have you been to Hoeckele’s Bakery and Deli in Missouri? What’s the verdict? Let us know in the comments! Next time you’re craving burnt ends, head to another long-time Missouri favorite: LC’s BBQ in Kansas City.

Address: Hoeckele Bakery & Deli, 1516 Edgemont Blvd STE 10, Perryville, MO 63775, USA